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How to Play Crystal Singing Bowls



1.To play frosted finish quartz singing bowls, grasp the suede-covered tool as you would hold a stylus.


2.Applying an even pressure, slowly guide the tool around the outside rim, holding firmly as the vibration begins to build and the desired volume is reached. The tool should be at a slight angle to the outside of the bowl and attention should be made to maintain constant even pressure. If the tool feels like it is bouncing off the rim of the bowl, if the rim becomes a blur, if unpleasant noises occur, or if the sound is dampened during playing it indicates an overage or uneven pressure.




Practice is the best way to learn control of tone and volume, with continued practice mastery over the proper technique of playing will become natural.  The rim of the bowl is able to be played in any direction. Removing the tool after singing on the rim will allow the bowl to continue resonating and allow the sound to slowly begin to reduce in volume. This allows for smooth tonal transitions when using multiple bowls. The sound naturally fading out while another bowl is activated. We suggest playing no Quartz crystal singing bowls within close proximity to a persons head, face or ears to avoid hearing damage, collisions or other accidents.  Avoid playing quartz crystal singing bowls within 12 inches of each other as their intense vibrations or harmonic overtones can lead to shattering or breakage. Maintaining high volumes and maximum vibrations is damaging to all crystal bowls. If done repeatedly the crystal bowl may be strained and microscopic cracks can be created in the quartz which can cause the singing bowl to later fail.

It is best to store and transport Quartz crystal singing bowls in a carrying case which fits the bowl snugly. We caution against picking the bowl up or carrying the bowl by its rim as again this puts strain on the bowl that could potentially damage it. 



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