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How to Clean and Care for Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls are a beautiful, yet fragile instrument. But with correct maintenance it can remain beautiful and bright for a lifetime. Always handle your bowl with extreme care, and take unique precautions while carrying it. It is likewise essential that suitable strikers, mallets and rubber rings are used when your bowl is played. There is a wide range of these specialized tools which will guarantee your bowl is not ruined while you play it. Bowls could end up being unclean during typical usage. Tidy your bowl with distilled water and moderate soap. A soft bristle brush or white fabric could be made use of. We have discovered that frosted bowls with stubborn areas could profit from a steam cleaner. Small format Steam cleaners allow you to spray dirt from the outer surface and are the easiest way to clean your bowls. 



Many enthusiasts of bowls prefer to keep their bowls in the condition they were in when they obtained them, but if you routinely clean your bowls, you will see that they are actually brighter sounding. Many people clean their bowls for several factors. It is easier to see any wear, and the age of the bowls when they are cleaned. They also play better, specifically playing on the rim. Many claim that there is a much more tactile feeling when holding them as well.


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